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Stress-free Decluttering

Allows you to stay in control and at home or move with less anxiety


When you or a loved one decides that maintaining a home is too much or it’s time to move into a smaller, more convenient home, the task may seem insurmountable. Believe it or not, sorting through years of important memories, keepsakes and traditions doesn’t have to be overwhelming or overly expensive. We can help.

Our caring organizers help you find special touchstones, retrieving everything that matters, making your transition easier. We  honor the past while assisting you to embrace the future, making practical recommendations on what to do with what’s left.

For items you no longer want or need, we are uniquely qualified to advise on what is best sold and the most effective way to do so. Selling items can help offset the cost of a relocation or help keep you safely at home. We know where to best focus to provide effective solutions at both.

If you decide to relocate, we recommend the most practical approach through private online auctions, estate and private sales, and charity donations. We arrange and supervise the entire process to provide you with a completely clear, broom swept home and more.

Our experts at Caring Transitions Chicago NWS can manage everything, making it stress free and less complicated. No job is too big or too small. While this may be your first time preparing for a move, we do it every day. Let us release your stress by handling every aspect of your right-sizing process.

Downsizing & Decluttering Services

-  Paper and document management & shredding

-  Decluttering, sort and organize

-  Advise on value of belongings

-  Arrange for charity donations, provide inventory and receipts

Relocation Services

-  Professional move management with competitive mover bids

-  Space planning & interior design 

-  Stage belongings in your new home to help ease transition anxiety

-  Professionally pack and unpack your items

-  Removal of all packing materials

-  A national network of offices to help resettle at your destination

-  Ship items to family members

 Liquidation Services to Clear a House Quickly and Safely

 -  Liquidation Services to Clear a House Quickly and Safely

-  Professional, transparent, secure, bonded, insured

-  Contact-free online auctions with terms that favor the seller

-  Inventory, appraisals and valuations

-  Team background checked and W2 employees

-  Clean out and prepare the house for sale, broom swept and cleaned

-  Work closely with realtors to stage and clear the house for closing

-  Recycle and donate unwanted items, even furniture

-  Arrange for and supervise junk removal

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