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Right-Sizing Services

Right-size to Match Your New Lifestyle.

Someone who has lived a full life can unintentionally accumulate a high volume of sentimental possessions. When you or a loved one decides it’s time to move into a smaller, more convenient home, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the amount of "stuff" around you. However, we know it isn’t just "stuff." It’s years of important memories, keepsakes and traditions. 

Let us help you right-size your possessions to match your new lifestyle and living area to improve your life. With the Caring Transitions right-sizing process, we collaborate with you to honor the past while assisting with embracing the future. When done properly, right-sizing can be a great relief because our professional team will help prioritize what is most important and helpful in your next phase of life.

Our experts at Caring Transitions Chicago NWS can help you through the process, making it easier and less complicated. No job is too big or too small. While this may be your first time preparing for a move, we do it every day. Let us release your stress by handling every aspect of your right-sizing process.

Right-Sizing Services:

  • Paper and document management
  • De-cluttering
  • Sort and organize
  • Professional shipping management
  • Donation, disbursement and liquidations
  • Professional move management