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Total Solution for Selling What you Need Sold

Conducting an Estate Sale isn't always the best solution.

Today, with the sheer volume of household items for sale, often conducting a traditional estate sale costs more than the items are worth. And Estate Sale companies require minimums or don't completely clear the house. As auctioneers and part of a national network, we have an array of avenues to sell. We are also experts on valuating and selling while held to higher standards in an unregulated industry.

With more than 5 years experience, a deep and national list of followers and buyers, we can liquidate high value items, collections and jewelry by targeting and using the proper venue. Sometimes that's an estate sale. But now more than ever, estate sales are not the only solution that works.

Get Competitive Prices for Selling Collections and Jewelry

Why liquidate your collection or jewelry with the one or two people with dealers that you meet? Is selling yourself on EBay, a platform that favors buyers, really worth the time? How do you know you’re getting a competitive price when selling precious metals and jewelry at an estate sale? Resellers frequently buy for less and resell your items at a profit for themselves. We turn this approach on its head, and earn for you.

Your collection and jewelry are special. They should be sold through a transparent platform and your interests should be protected. We do just that with our proprietary platform: CTBids. Bidders are vetted and scammers are revoked on a national level which creates a strong buying base and a great competitive environment for you. 

Plus, our experts prepare and promote your auction with professional, targeted, marketing campaigns to a national audience—getting competitive prices. We have local followers as well: 10,000 strong. All this is done for you, from the privacy of your home, as you retain everything until they are sold or the items are stored securely off site. 

We specialize in selling and clearing the house with a efficient solutions based on your individual needs. We recognize when the cost to sell exceeds an item’s value and provide practical advice and solutions. A non-traditional approach is often what’s needed. 

Call for a free consultation. We’ll recommend a transparent solution that’s right for you. We'll sell what you'd like and clear the house respectfully, quickly, efficiently, and safely.  

Custom Liquidation Solutions and Clean out Services

-  Professionally managed, transparent, secure, private

-  Contact-free preparation and sales online

-  Work closely with realtors to clear the house in time for closing

-  Recycle and donate unwanted items (yes, even during this crisis)

-  Ship items to family members

-  Facilitate and supervise junk and trash removal

We protect Sellers at

 Other Services for Decluttering, Relocation and Clean Outs

-  Decluttering and staging

-  Advise on value of belongings

-  Inventory, appraisals and valuation

-  Paper and document management & shredding

-  Full clean outs with charity donation, inventory and receipts

-  Professional move management with competitive mover bids

-  Space planning & interior design 

-  Stage belongings in your new home to help ease transition anxiety

-  Professionally pack and unpack your items

-  Removal of all packing materials

-  A national network of offices to help resettle at your destination

-  Ship items to family members


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