"Green Moving" Practices

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At Caring Transitions we also encourage consumers to consider “green moving” practices as they prepare for your next move or relocation:


Packing materials: When consumers shred documents in preparation for a household move, they can place the paper shreds in cloth, paper or plastic bags that are already in the home. Seal the bags and use the entire package as protective packing material instead of toxic “peanuts” or bubble wrap.  The bags and paper shreds can all be recycled after the move. New, eco-friendly packing materials are also available in the marketplace.

Boxes: Clients can also save or find boxes for moving, but should be cautious and choose only those boxes that are clean, insect and mold-free  and in good condition. 

Emissions: Rather than making multiple car trips to drop off donations to libraries, charities and soup kitchens,   consolidate your drop-offs or locate volunteer groups who will coordinate donation pick-ups at multiple residences.

Hazardous waste: In those cases where we may not be involved at the very beginning of a move, we recommend clients locate their local hazardous waste dump sites and make sure they dispose of computers, printers, motor oil, old paint and other household chemicals in the proper way. Every city or village has local waste management and EPA guidelines available to its residents.

Recycle: Caring Transitions also encourages consumers to take advantage of recycle programs established by companies such as Dell (computers), Verizon (cell phones), Staples (ink cartridges) and Jiffy Lube (motor oil).

The epa.gov website has a number of ideas and outlets for just about every kind of household item.

Other Resources: Consumer who is preparing a house for sale may also look for “green” cleaning services and “certified green” contractors to hire for repairs and remodels.

Resale: When a home or small office contains possessions of value, there may be  financial benefits as well as environmental  benefits to using a third party specialist such as Caring Transitions to hold your online auction, manage your estate sale or create an allocation plan.

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