What Is CRTS and why does it matter?

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What is CRTS?

Each Caring Transitions office specializes in Relocation and Transition through their CRTS Certification. CRTS was founded in 2004 to standardize the knowledge within industries that cater to senior relocation, downsizing, and aging in place. The certification itself stands for Certified Relocation and Transition Specialist™.

In order to earn CRTS designation, Caring Transitions offices must adhere to industry specific guidelines that includes a standardized Code of Conduct, Ethics and Professional Practices that are necessary when working with seniors.
This ensures a consistent seal of professionalism, integrity, and confidentiality for late life home transitions. 

Why does CRTS Certification matter in an unregulated industry?

1. Industry Expertise –
As seniors age, the demand for senior relocation and home transition services grows. CRTS™ trained individuals are equipped to truly understand and completely support the needs of older adults and their families.

2. Standardized Training –
Caring Transitions owners test and earn the Certified Specialist (CRTS) designation. Employees are held to the rigorous standards and maintain ongoing education requirements.

3. Professionalism –
CRTS professionals are trained to approach each transition with compassion, truth and honesty in professional communications. Each office honors all business contracts, agreements, and commitments.

4. Integrity –
In an age where integrity is often a luxury in business, CRTS professionals adhere to standards that make integrity automatic. Each Caring Transitions office partners with individuals, necessary services or organizations qualified to serve the client’s needs and requests. Every franchise is bonded, insured and thoroughly screened to ensure the highest confidence and trust to clients.

5. Confidential
Caring Transitions uses compassion and discretion with sensitive information. We are bound to a strong Code of Ethics through CRTS and will not divulge confidential information shared by clients or business associates.

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