Why The Younger Generation May Not Want Your Stuff

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Downsizing your home and possessions isn’t as simple as it used to be. Past generations have been able to just hand down their furniture, fine china, and other goods to their kids. That trend is changing. Why? New information is showing that kids don’t want your stuff!

An article, published in Observer, looks at WHY young people don’t want the burden of the older generation’s belongings.

First, the furniture may be too big and bulky for the smaller spaces of the younger generation. Thanks to the “anti-clutter” movement, millennials are downsizing. There’s no room for big dining room sets, bedroom suites, or rocking chairs. Sometime the sheer space of where they are living can inhibit what they own. Millennials may rent, instead of own, or even have a roommate.

Another reason this shift is occurring is the introduction of the digital life. Millennials may be more concerned with experiences, and less with physical things, because of their lives on social media. Their money may be spent paying for vacations, not furniture and knick-knacks.

While some may keep certain items for nostalgia reason, it seems the trend is shifting away from just acquiring all the old. Instead, the younger generation is choosing to get new, trendy, pieces for their homes.

So if the possessions aren’t getting handed down from one generation to another, what’s happening to them? Projecting trends will hopefully help find groups that want to buy the things of yesterday, today.

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