How to Manage Care with Technology

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If you’re a long-distance care giver for your loved one, technology can help you keep in touch, and keep up to date with their medical care. Technology can help seniors keep their independence and feel connected to their families. It can also give loved ones a peace of mind that their seniors are staying healthy.


Here are 10 technology products that can help both senior citizens and their loved ones.

  1. Tricella Smart Pillbox – Receive a notification on your smartphone if pills aren’t taken, or if the wrong ones are taken
  2. Indoor Camera – Monitor potentially dangerous areas, like stairs, with an indoor camera.
  3. Sensi Smart Thermostat – Make your thermostat easier to manage with an app on your smartphone, or connect it to voice-activated Amazon Alexa.
  4. Blip Blood Pressure Monitor – Loved ones can keep track of blood pressure with this smart monitor.
  5.  Ring Video Doorbell Pro – See who is at the door before opening it, or see if there’s a package delivered with this video feed.
  6. LOK8U Freedom Watch – This accessory alerts loved ones when a senior citizen wanders out of a set “safe zone”. This also includes a panic button if the senior needs help.
  7. iHealth Gluco-Monitoring System – Similar to the blood pressure reader, this will allow care givers to see smartphone alerts on glucose numbers.
  8. Samsung SmartThings Hub and Motion Sensor – Prevent falls and monitor seniors with these sensors that you can set up around the house.
  9. Mother and Motion Cookies – These motion-sensor cookies can monitor a variety of things, from medication bottles to doors.
  10. DeRoyal Reminder Rosie Clock – Create a personal reminder to take medication, to eat, or go to the doctor.


Here’s a link to the USA Today article, so you can learn more about these products.

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