Halloween Safety for Seniors

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Halloween is coming soon, and seniors may want to get involved in their neighborhood fun. Here are some ways to do that, while keeping everyone safe:


1.       Keep the lights on: Even if you are not handing out candy, leave your interior and exterior lights on. This will help it look like you’re home, even if you aren’t. Try leaving a sign on your front door that says you are not handing out candy.


2.       Keep it outside: If you do decide to hand out candy, sit outside and wait for the trick or treaters. This way, you don’t invite anyone to your front door, or inside your house.


3.       Keep it clear: Decorations are fun, but remember to keep a clean walkway for both you and your guests. And watch out for candles in pumpkins – they’re not a good combination with kids and costumes. Also, if your door has a peep hole, don’t cover it up with your decoration.


4.       Keep the company: If you’re still nervous to be home by yourself for Halloween, try inviting a relative or friend over to keep you company. Or, consider going out to dinner or having a night out.


By taking some basic precautions, the Halloween season can be fun, and safe, for everyone!

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