Fall Cleaning Checklist

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Fall is finally here! And with any change in season, it’s a good time to look around (and outside of!) your home, for what you can clean up or fix.

Here are some ideas for tackling the outside of your home:

-          Clean up your summer fun! Put away patio furniture, kids’ toys, and umbrellas.

-          Inspect your doors. Do they close tight enough to keep out the cold air? If not, try updating the weather stripping.

-          Drain your garden hose, and store it away for the winter.

-          Check gutters and downspouts for leaves and debris. This is the time of year they get full!

And here are some things you can do on the inside of your home:

-          Schedule a furnace maintenance check. Don’t wait until the bitter cold comes to make sure your furnace will run properly! Stock up on filters too, so you’re all set for the winter months.

-          For cleaning, focus on your main areas that guests will use for the holidays – bathroom, living room, and entryway.

-          Get your kitchen ready for holiday cooking! Clear off your counters, go through your cupboards, inspect appliances, and (if you’re feeling ambitious) move the big appliances out for cleaning!

Winter will be here before you know it, so prepare for the change in seasons with just a few helpful jobs around the house.

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