Checking for Fall Hazards in Your Home

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Now that winter is almost officially upon us, it means the sun sets sooner, leaving us in the dark for more hours of the day. This is a good time to make sure your house is safe, so you can prevent home hazards that may cause you to trip or fall.

-          Furniture Arrangement: does is allow for clear pathways and walkways, especially for moving from room to room?

-          De-clutter: make sure tripping hazards, clutter, papers, or other stacks are moved from hallways and walkways.

-          Rugs: Tack down rugs with sticky pads, or furniture, so they don’t move and slide when walked on.

-          Lighting: Are light bulbs replaced and working? Check that dark spots in your house have ample lighting. Don’t forget doorways and stairs!

-          Sidewalks: Clean the old leaves, dirt, and mud off the sidewalks. They can be slippery, especially after rain or snow fall.

-          Handrails and steps: Make sure they are in good working order, secure, and don’t need repairs.


This check list may have items that you may think about all year round. But now that it’s darker earlier, it’s a good time to review the things that cause the most falls in senior citizens.

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