The Right Time to Downsize

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So now you’ve retired, and you want to enjoy the extra time on your hands. Not so fast! It may be a better choice to get to work right away – downsizing your life! Minimizing both living space, and belongings, is important to living a clutter-free life. It can also make taking care of your home easier.

But maybe more important than those reasons, is the cost savings it can give seniors. Managing a mortgage payment for a big house is harder on a retiree’s income than having a small apartment or condo. Even though there’s still a rent payment, it can still be cost saving because you won’t be responsible for maintenance and updates.

Another reason to consider downsizing is the physical toll your “bigger” life may be having on you. Keeping up a home and a lot of furniture means more cleaning, more maintenance jobs, and more daily work.

So when should you downsize? Think about a typical retirement age as a good time to consider moving, while you are physically able to handle the work load. The older one gets, the harder it is to take on a big stress, like moving and downsizing.

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