We have a WINNER!

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To promote our move to our new auction website, CTBids, we ran a contest and gave away a $100 gift card!  We invited EVERYONE to bid on any item in our auction or the entry listing.  Before we knew it, people were battling for the lead!  It was awesome!

On September 1st we drew our winner! CONGRATULATIONS trvlr!  We hope you enjoy your gift card!!!

"You made my day (actually you made my week) - I never win anything so I was totally surprised and am thoroughly delighted to have won this great prize - a $100 gift card! - just for playing a 'game' that I had fun playing!
It was such a fun cool contest - I really got into bidding being able to bid any crazy amount without thinking because we were just bidding with 'play money' - we all went a little crazy bidding hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in 'bidding wars' with dollar amounts that you could never do in real life - it was so much fun to be able to casually bid a few thousand here & a few thousand there & just keep upping the anti until you were able to finally outbid the previous winning-bidder.
Thanks again! I'm looking forward to the next game/contest that you or another CT location puts on. It was a very clever original idea!" -trvlr from Virginia


We had so much fun bidding with "fake" money we just might do it again... so stay tuned!

You can find ALL of our auction items HERE!

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