Family History Preserved with Unexpected Kindness

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John called us when he needed to downsize his substantial collection of woodworking, model airplane and outdoor camping equipment. He had sold his house quickly and was relocating to a 500 sq. foot senior living apartment.

In the process, John didn’t expect to meet Melissa, a genealogist and one of our auction winners. To his great surprise, she graciously offered to digitize his  family photos for him--at a crucial moment when he could have decided to let them go.

Check out his unsolicited and unscripted thoughts about the experience working with our team and Melissa at Caring Transitions Chicago NWS. Our followers and auction winners are the best. And they treat our clients right, too!

Call Caring Transitions Chicago Northwest Suburbs when you are facing a rightsizing challenge or others before a big move, and are feeling overwhelmed. Our professional team will make things happen for you with a minimum of stress.

 And you may meet some great new people, too!

 “They did it with smiles on their faces  

 and good cheerful friendship.” -John H.



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