Thank you for your service has a new meaning today

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As we look forward to venturing out in Illinois' phase 3, we should each give ourselves credit for a job well done so far! This is by no means over, but it’s a great start.

Thank you to those on the front lines. 

The unsung heroes working in essential roles in addition to health care and public service. Retail workers, bus drivers, train conductors, truck drivers, all of those who had to brave the pandemic from day one. They restocked shelves day after day, sometimes without personal protection and kept us running, and especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice or those who lost loved ones much too early.

Bravo to the heroes who shut businesses knowing they may lose everything, those who lost jobs and risk eviction, parents being patient (as much as possible) with children, and others battling mental health challenges.  

Everyone is sacrificing so much for those most vulnerable. 

Regardless of our personal irritations for those who we think are over cautious or those who we see as reckless, we are all facing and conquering the fear of moving into the world again. This is a unique moment for us to come together.

And. Grasp. This. Moment. Of. Joy.

There's joy in this new start. Spring's fresh air and new life. The weather is fine and we're getting out. Standing together (somewhat) by standing just far enough apart. And even though there’s more to come, we now know that we can do it. We have practicals way to manage this and overcome. 

More power to you Illinois. And on June 3, Chicago too!

Our teams have been busy working with precautions since March.  We continue to follow CDC protocols, wearing protective gear, hand washing and 6-foot social distancing. We ask our clients to wear masks for their own protection when working with us as well. 

If you need help, please give us a call at 630-333-9366 or email. As always, there is no charge for any type of consultation and we’re just happy to continue to be of service. 

In Solidarity and with Joy,
Mary Beth

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